Talal Ramadan Chlach, PhD


Extensive experience at all levels of corporate business affairs, including:

  • Corporate governance and management, finance, consulting, training, and knowledge transfer in complex, technologically diverse environments.
  • Proven expertise in areas of startup companies, business structuring and formation, financing, business plans & budgeting, corporate strategic planning and development, organizational and systems development, and contract negotiations,
  • Proposal evaluation and analysis, government contracting, procurement and acquisitions, cost control, quality control and improvement, research design, human resource development, personnel management, and industrial management.

Consultancy on HR & Profissional Servieces and Training Programs

  • Develop, implement & administrate a number of consultancy projects including training courses for armed forces offecers in the areas of strategic leadership, operation and maintenance, project management, logistics services, management taining, CBRN defence in theory and practice. In accordance with the british defence standards.
  • Develop HR & Finance polices and procdures manual for employee conduct and process control and performance evaluation.
  • Provided consultantancy services representing major insurance company on the BOD’s committees such Audit, Remuranatiin, and chaired the Executive committee as will as attending the BOD along with the Chairman of the BOD of the investing insurance company. During my tenure I also participated in the restructuring the local indurance company management selected New president, operation manager, compliance officer, internal and external auditors. Modified and introduce new policies and procedures regarding HR, financial control, products offfering, negotiation with consultant to develop fund raising campaign, to name few.
  • During this time I have also developed strong relationship with the health insurance regulators such as the Saudi Arabian Monterey Agencey, Capital Markets Agency, and the Council Of Cooprative Health Insurance (CCHI).

Exceptional knowledge of the implementation of Saudi offset programs including:

  • The design and implementation of international cross-border business initiatives involving complex strategic business plans, diverse team management, and the formation of joint ventures, strategic alliances and business relationships.
  • Extensive experience in the identification and preparation of project budgeting & financing packages offered through international and multi-national financing institutions such as the World Bank, the Arab Development Fund and the Saudi Fund for Development.

Specialized experience in Saudi defense industry in the areas of:

  • Satellite and telecommunications, computer hardware and software applications including air defense applications,
  • Simulation and computer-based training, information storage and retrieval,
  • Evaluation of vendor proposals and contracts,
  • Strategic planning, and the design of training materials and training in the areas of research design and analysis, decision making and leadership.

International business experience includes the regions of the Middle East, USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Fidak For Roads and Contracting, Executive Vice President For Technology and Business Development, July 1, 2015 to date. Fidak is a Saudi Company that since its inception in 1998, has achieved rapid progress in various fields of contracting.My responsibilities included developing business opportunities utilizing advanced technologies and work methods. The company has grown in its competencies and contract volume to a group of over 200 engineers and technicians who possess great expertise and business efficiencies, with specializations in the fields of:

  • Excavation, backfilling and shear rocks and the work of bridges
  • Constructions and roads paving
  • Equipment leasing, constructions of sewage and rainwater, dams and afforestation
  • Parks and land scaping
  • Cities cleaning and waste disposal
  • Planning and settlement of residential and commercial real estate development
  • Construction, excavation, electrical, telephone cables, fiber optic and metal cables and re-filled and road paving.
  • Operation and maintenance of irrigation for trees and planting networks.

Construction and development of playgrounds and recreation parks.

Rawabi Holding Company – Technology & Business Development Advisor, August 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015;

Responsibilities included advising and assisting the Principal in developing various business activities including, but not limited to:

  • Developing business strategies and policies
  • Developing business opportunities, such as specific ventures, and start -Up companies for the Principal, and advising and assisting the Principal in the evaluation of such opportunities
  • Establishing and overseeing a working relationship with the principals of potential new businesses
  • Preparing and developing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Forming and registering new ventures
  • Designing and overseeing the development of corporate governance guidelines, financial, administrative, HR control policies and procedures
  • Designing and preparing business plans and organizational structures
  • Improving organizational efficiencies and the delivery of corporate goals, objectives, and the operationalization of business plans
  • Designing and preparing effective PR campaigns
  • Developing and launching a marketing and sales campaign for new ventures

TRC Associates, CoOwner / Director; a Consultancy / Business Development/Training/Coaching Business in association with That Althraa Alarabia Establishment: July, 2005 to 2012

Provide consultancy in all areas of corporate governance, corporate structuring, business development and operations specializing in large, complex corporations. Competency areas include:

  • Mega project formation and structuring
  • Project capitalization
  • Design action plans to implement adaptation and knowledge transfer processes
  • Business development and transformation
  • Strategic planning support and financial consultancy
  • Strategic technology auditing, human resources development, and corporate restructuring for the Board of Directors, Alkhazna, a major UAE based multinational conglomerate
  • Corporate level consultation for the BOD and Managing Director in the areas of strategic planning, technology auditing, human resources development, corporate,
  • Developing and establishing joint ventures for a number of Saudi Groups and major Saudi-based multinational conglomerate companies,
  • Development and implementation of training programs for Junior & Senior Officers in the Saudi Armed forces in areas of strategic leadership, strategic management of logistics and supply chain, management of training, project management, and operation and maintenance management.

FAMA Holdings Company Various Positions from January 1, 1997 to June, 2005

  • Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Global Acquisitions Corporation (Secretary and Member of the Board of Directors), January 2003 to June 2005
  • General Manager FAMA Holdings Company, January 1, 1997- Dec 31, 2002

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Business development; designed and implemented management policies and procedures to ensure sound investment strategies; controlled budgeting and expenditures to achieve profitable ROI and monitored the financial operations and performance measurements of GAC and its subsidiaries,
  • Designed and implemented clear communications with regard to GAC policies, practices, principles and activities between GAC management, staff and subsidiaries and used such communication for positive decision-making flow and feedback,
  • Founded and served as General Manager of FAMA Trading, a wholly owned multi-million-dollar trading and investment subsidiary of FAMA Holdings that was based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Business developed included:
  • Built a computer design and assembly business, Advanced Business Technology (ABT).
  • Developed a computer network design and implementation business that included a computer parts and accessories import and distribution division
  • Built a multifaceted international trading division that provided high-end technological products and services at reasonable prices; provided quality support and service section, generating a tremendous savings for the parent company.
  • Developed agencies and distributorships with businesses from the US, Europe and Far East in various fields including computer parts and accessories, telecommunication test equipment and a variety of high tech equipment and systems
  • Developed and managed offshore corporations to serve the group interest
  • Managed the acquisition and growth of a public (NASDQ) technology company and other technology companies with applications in a variety of commercial and industrial sectors.

Strategic Advisor, Department of Research, Analysis, and Development, Directorate of Air Operations, Royal Saudi Air force Headquarters, The Royal Saudi Air Force, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 1995 to December 31, 1996

Advisor to the Directorate of Air Operations; reported directly to the Director of the Department of Research, Analysis, and Development. Primary areas of professional consultancy included;

  • Evaluated the proposal for the Air War Center proposed by Martin-Marietta
  • Evaluated the proposal for the telecommunication system for the Peace Shield Project
  • Worked on a master plan for the development of the technological capabilities of the Royal Saudi Air Force that focused on the human elements of the technology
  • Evaluated proposals and contracts
  • Served as advisor on technology transfer, strategic planning and development, and human resource development within the areas of satellite and telecommunications, computer hardware and software, involving a wide-range of applications including air defense applications, simulation and computer-based training, information storage and retrieval. Designed training material and provided training of personnel in the areas of problem solving, research design and analysis, and executive decision-making.

Vice President, Central Region, NESMA Company Ltd., November 1990 – June 1995

NESMA is a wholly owned Saudi Holding Company which owned and operated 17 companies (9 Joint Venture companies and 8 wholly owned Subsidiaries) with multi-billion Saudi Riyal contracts with various clients (i.e. Royal Saudi Air Force, Royal Saudi Navy Force, Seaport Authorities, Ministry of Information, Ministry of PT&T, ARAMCO, SCECO and HUGHES aircraft International, Inc.). The NESMA Group of Companies specializes in a wide-range of fields of Operation & Maintenance, Management Consultancy, Telecommunications Networking Systems, Security and Access Control Systems, Civil Construction, Hi-Tech Technical and Personnel Support Services, and Trading and Manufacturing.

As a Corporate Vice President of NESMA (Central Region-Riyadh), I reported directly to the President and the Board of Directors (owners). My job responsibilities were broad:

  • Corporate strategic planning and development, business management, organizational and systems development
  • Consultancy on issues of technological transfer
  • Designed and conducted training seminars for personnel in the areas of problem solving, research design and analysis, and executive decision-making
  • Maintained close relationships with high ranking officials in government agencies and ministries, and in the private sector
  • Drafted and negotiated sales representation agreements, memoranda of understanding and joint venture agreements, gaining extensive knowledge in the formation and registration of joint ventures in Saudi Arabia
  • Provided administrative direction, support, and consultation to Heads of Departments and Projects in order to ensure efficiency and performance
  • Provided business development and government liaison for the telecommunications business activities of the group (Pannesma, National Telecommunications Co. Ltd., Telecomm Australia (Saudi) Co., Ltd., TCIL Saudi Co. Ltd., and Norconsult Telematics Saudi Co. Ltd.)
  • Co-Founder & Member of the Board of Directors, TCIL (Telecommunications Consultant of India Ltd.) Saudi Company Ltd, (a Joint Venture company between NATEL and TCIL India), both of which are classified as Class “A” contracting companies in the telecommunications field, specializing in contracting works and operation and maintenance. My work as a Board Member focused on strategic planning and development, project implementation, and human resource development.

Vice President and General Manager of the National Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (NATEL).

NATEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of NESMA Co. Ltd. As Vice President and GM, I participated in the development of business ventures, evaluation and analysis of business proposals, and contract evaluations and negotiations valued in access of 800 million Saudi Riyals, in both government and private sectors. NATEL’s main activities were in the erection of Metallic and Fiber Optic telecommunications networks, and the O&M of the Saudi Arabia National telecommunications networks (both terrestrial and satellites) and the Ministry of Information Saudi Television and a number of their broadcasting stations.

General Manager and Head of the International Marketing Division, Saudi Cable Company Marketing (SCCM), June 1988 – October 1990.

SCCM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saudi Cable Company (SCC), based in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Served as the General Manager and Head of the Department of the International Marketing Division and was the team leader responsible for reorganizing SCCM into an international marketing Company. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • Founded the international marketing department and within 2.5 years, generated sales of 450 million Saudi Riyals through international financing
  • Corporate strategic planning and business development including the design and implementation of strategies for technological development and human resource development
  • Opened international markets, defined market opportunities and developed long and short term marketing strategies and prepared financing packages and repayment guarantees involving all major Saudi and international developmental financing institutions and commercial banks in the Arab World and the West (i.e. Saudi Investment Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Kuwait Finance House and UBAF of London, Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Fund for Development, Arab Fund for Development, World Bank, Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation, and the Multi-International Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
  • Evaluated business proposals and drafted and negotiated sales contracts and memoranda of understanding between clients (primarily major government electricity institutions in a number of Arab and non-Arab countries) and SCCM, and negotiated/ executed Letters of Credit (L/C)
  • Established a departmental support system including conducting marketing research, preparing country profile and marketing status reports, guiding and directing salesmen to potential markets, coordinating advertising activities such as exhibitions and trade fairs, organizing technical orientations, conferences and seminars, appointing sales agent/reps, and examining evaluating sales strategies.

Senior Manager, International Marketing & Sales Development and Coordination, Saudi Cable Company (SCC), October 1987 – June 1988.

As a Senior Manager, I worked closely with SCC’s President, Executive Vice President, Commercial Vice President and Finance Vice President on design and development of business development plans and strategies, including marketing strategies and marketing coordination among the International Marketing and Sales Divisions of the Saudi Cable Group of Companies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Bahrain.

Director of Research / Member of the Board of Directors / Founding Member, Institute for Arab Development Studies, The Center for Mediterranean and Gulf Studies, The American University, Washington, D. C., 1980 – 1986.

As Director of Research responsibilities included:

  • Designed, coordinated, and implemented research/academic activities of the program
  • Convened conferences, lectures and other colloquia; lectured on issues of development and problem solving, chaired panels and conducted discussion groups
  • Participated in the development, coordination and teaching of a series of national summer institutes at the graduate level,


Ph.D., International Relations, School of International Service, The American University, Washington, DC, 1989

Fields of Specialization:

International Relations, International Communications, International Relations and Core Field (Research Methodology, International Political Economy and Comparative Politics),

Dissertation Research:

The Impact of the International Transfer of Technology on the Development of Indigenous Technology in Saudi Arabia.

M.A., International Communication, School of International Service, The American University, Washington, DC, 1985

Fields of Specialization: International Communications, International Business, and Middle East Studies

B.S.T.M., Bachelor of Science in Technology of Management, in Computer Systems Applications, Center for Technology and Administration, The American University, Washington, DC, 1980

Fields of Specialization: Technology of Management and Computer Systems Applications; International Marketing

Industrial Assistant Engineer, Elementary and Secondary Theoretical and Practical Training (including vocational training, technical drawing and design, management training and accounting systems), First Damascus Industrial School, 1961-1967.


The American University, Washington, DC

  • Adjunct Instructor, Center for Technology and Administration
  • Adjunct Instructor, Department of Continuing Education
  • Teaching Assistant, the University Computer Services Center
  • Teaching Assistant, Quantitative Research and Analysis Lab.


Laws and Regulations of Media and Telecommunication Sector, Paper presented at the First Media & Telecommunication Forum 2016, the Legal, Judicial and Economic Aspects of Media and Telecommunication Industry in the Middle East, May, 2016.

“Economic Report on Trade and Investment Opportunities between the Dominican Republic and Latin America, and the Arab Countries,” Presented as a leading paper for panel discussion at a conference sponsored by the Organization of American States, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, May 1984.

“The Application of Appropriate Technology in the Middle East,” Presented at the Annual Conference of the International Studies Association, Cincinnati, Ohio, March 1982.

Sibte Muhammad Akhtar

Education Qualification : B.Sc. (Civil engineering)

University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.

Membership of Professional Institution : FIHT (Fellow Institute of Highway & Transportation)

FASCE (Fellow American Society of Civil Engineers)

FIE (Fellow Institute of Engineers Pakistan)

PE (Pakistan engineering council))


  • Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering Designs and Construction supervision of a large number of Highway Projects in Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
  • Project and Contract Management of Infrastructure Developments, Urban Roads, Highways & Bridges, Water Supply and Sewerage schemes Buildings, Survey & Mapping, irrigation and Drainage, Power Distribution and Geo-technical Investigations.
  • Report writing including Feasibility Reports, Progress Reports, Design Reports, Technical Reports and Inspection Reports.
  • Tender Documents and tender Appraisal.
  • BOT and BOOT Studies
  • Business Development, Proposals, Negotiations, Preparation and administration of consultancy Contracts.
  • Possess thorough knowledge of working Federal and Provincial Government departments and Institutions of the Middle-East countries in general and of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in particular.



Highway and Bridges:

  • Survey, Soil investigation and design, tender documents and evaluation of tenders for Sheikhupura – Faisalabad dual carriageway (83.5 KM)
  • Geometric design, pavement design, hyderological studies and preparation of drawings and tender document dargai – Saidu – Kalam Road (156-km) including 13 Bridges (Hilly Terrain)
  • Survey, soil investigation and detailed design of Panjgur – Gichik – Awaran Road (190 km) including 30 bridges (very difficult mountainous area).
  • Survey and detailed design of Coal Mines circular road Quetta (62 km) Hilly Terrain.
  • Geometric design, pavement design, hydrological studies, design of culverts and bridges and preparation of construction drawings of western bypass, Quetta (23 km)
  • Technical and economical feasibility and preparation of PC-1 Proforma of 19 Road projects 132km in Punjab, Balochistan and NWFP.
  • Feasibility study and edetailed design of Indus Highway Banu – D.I. Khan section (60-km) including 5 bridges.
  • Survey and design of Kahuti – Berhd road (33.50-km) hilly terrain).
  • Feasibility study and detailed design of additional carriageway (n-55) tarinda Mohammed Panah to Bhawalpur (91-km).
  • Survey, soil investigation and detailed design of Farm to Market Roads, Phase-II, district Multan (018-km) including 3 Bridges.
  • Detailed design of RARP, Phase-I, district Okara (58-km).
  • Top and Resident supervision of ADP non-ADP Highway Project in Sargodha and Faisalabad Highway circle (200-km)
  • Quetta Western Bypass (23-km).
  • Rawalpindi – Murree – Kashmir Road from Mile 5 to 25.


  • Architecture & Town Planning:
  • Master planning and detailed design of infrastructures of Sargodha Housing colony, Raiwand Road, (1000 kanal).
  • Architectural planning and detailed design of Jafaria complex at Islamabad comprising of:

Central Secretariat, conference hall and cultural center, central mosque for 5000 persons, school and hostel for 100 girls, school and hostel for 300 boys, shopping center, library and research center, residential colony, (Total covered area = 273,600 S/ft.)

Survey & Mapping:

  • Survey and Mapping of 42000 Acres and observing cross-sectional levels (215 miles) at the site of proposed bridge over River Chenab near Chinniyot (upstream).

Water supply & Sewerage:

  • Survey and Design of Bela Water Supply lines from River Jhelum to ICI Soda Ash Factory (Length 10-km).
  • Survey and design of Water Supply and Sewerage of Sargodha Housing Colony, Raiwand Road, (1000 kanals).

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